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PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock classic 300x244 PowerBlock Classic Adjustable DumbbellsBefore I get in to the review for our next adjustable dumbbells I must admit I am slightly biased towards Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. I have personally owned the Elite series with the XXL addons for over 7 years now and still use them for all of my dumbbell exercises in my dumbbell workouts. With that said, I have not used the Powerblock Classic adjustable dumbbells until now. We picked our set up from Amazon of course. These adjustable dumbbells set us back a hefty $299 but at least we were able to save $38 off the retail price by going through the mega retail company. The Classic series adjustable dumbbells from PowerBlock go up to 45 lb increments like most of our other adjustable dumbbells we’ve reviewed so far. Starting from 5 lbs you get the following weights 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 pounds. So what separates the PowerBlock Classic adjustable dumbbells from the other dumbbells on the market? Well besides the unique squared dumbbell design, the weight selector system in the PowerBlocks is incredibly easy to use. Simply pull out the selector pin and slide it in to the appropriate weight based on the little color chart on the top of each dumbbell. Another great feature that is also unique to the PowerBlock are the 5 handles located on the corners of the dumbbell frame and in the center of the dumbbell. All handles are covered in nice foam. While I can’t speak for the long term durability of these Classics, my Elite’s still look brand new minus a few small wear marks. And to back that up, all PowerBlocks come with a huge 10 year warranty! So what’s not to like about these? Well not too much, they are the most complete adjustable dumbbells on the market at the 45 lb weight class. They are more expensive than the Bowflex SelectTechs, but you can see where the money goes to and are a lot more durable than the competition. Also when use the weight selector pin you need to be careful to lineup the pin correctly as it’s fairly easy to enter the pin unevenly, giving you an uneven weight.




PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells Pros and Cons


Pros: The most durable and best warranty on the market. Unique square dumbbell design with multiple handles allows one to do certain dumbbell exercises like the 2 handed tricep extension. The adjustable dumbbells feel great in your hands due to the comfortable foam casings. Also the weight selector is very easy to use and selecting weights is a cinch. Lastly, the accessories available are above the competition. If you outgrow your adjustable dumbbells, instead of having to purchase a whole new set you can just easily purchase add on weight to add to your existing Powerblock dumbbells.



Cons: There’s really not too many cons to the PowerBlock Classic adjustable dumbbells. They definitely are not the cheapest adjustable dumbbells on the market but you really do get what you pay for. About the only thing we could nitpick with the Classics is the chance to set the weight selector pin incorrectly, leaving the dumbbells uneven.


PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells Ratings


Ease of Use


The PowerBlock Classics are very deserving of it’s ratings and while I may personally be a little bit biased, but over 7 years of use from my Elites with total satisfaction definitely speaks for itself.



Final Words on PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells


We have only great words to say with regards to the PowerBlock Classics. If you are looking for a set of adjustable dumbbells that has a bit of more weight to it, then you might want to look at the PowerBlock Elites. If you have the money, then you won’t regret buying these Classics. And if you are still on the fence about purchasing these PowerBlocks then you might want to consider the longer term repercussions if you save a few bucks by purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set that’s riddled with cheap plastic that will break with some tough use. Sounds like the right dumbbell set for you? Click the Amazon link below!