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Dumbbell Routines

There are so many different workout routines out there that it can be a little daunting in deciding where to begin. Whether you are just starting out or the next coming of Ronnie Coleman, these dumbbell workout routines will guide you on your path to a healthier, stronger you. When selecting a routine it’s best to first look at your goals. Are you looking to shred a few pounds so you can fit in your ol’ favorite jeans or are you looking to bulk up some and pack on solid muscle? One thing to keep in mind is to never stay on any one routine longer than 10 weeks. Our bodies continually adapt to whatever work load they are given so in order to maximize your gains you need to change up your routine from time to time. Also it’s good to take a week off from time to time to let the body come back fully repaired. If you notice you can’t quite lift as much as you were a few weeks ago or feeling fatigued then your body is telling you to take a break.



Select one of the dumbbell workouts below that fits your fitness goals and start lifting!

Don’t know how much weight you should be lifting in your dumbbell workouts? Check out our guide to selecting proper weight!

woman dumbbell Dumbbell Routines

Beginner dumbbell workouts:

2 Day Beginner Full Body

3 Day Beginner Split

4 Day Beginner Workout

Quick 30 minute routines:

30 minute Full Body

30 minute Push/Pull

30 Minute Heavy Weight Full Body

2 Day Workouts:

2 Day Full Body Routine

2 Day Push/Pull Routine

Low Volume routines for strength:

5 x 5 with Dumbbells!

4 Day Heavy Split

3 Day Push/Pull

High Volume routines for weight loss and toning/sculpting:

Full Body High Volume

Push/Pull High Volume

Advanced dumbbell workouts to take you to the next level:

15 Minute Advanced Dumbbell Complex Routine

3 Day Advanced Arnold’s Full Body Routine

3 Day Advanced Dumbbell Push/Pull Routine with drop sets and negatives

5 Day Advanced Cutting Workout Routine

5 Day Advanced Dumbbell Push/Pull Routine

6 Day Advanced Cutting Workout Routine

6 Day Advanced Dumbbell Push/Pull Routine

Advanced 100 Rep Progressive Dumbbell Workouts (3 Parts):

100 Rep Dumbbell Workout Part 1

100 Rep Dumbbell Workout Part 2

100 Rep Dumbbell Workout Part 3

Or create your own customized routine with this guide by clicking HERE