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Dumbbell Workouts

Welcome to the largest and always expanding free collection of dumbbell workouts and dumbbell exercises at your fingertips! Dumbbells are the most versatile exercise equipment on the planet. There is no exercise machine routine that comes close to matching intense dumbbell workouts. Whether you are a pro or just starting out, dumbbells should be part of your exercise arsenal. Arm yourself with one of our powerful routines and feel the difference immediately!


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Benefits of Dumbbells

  • Not only do dumbbell workouts allow one to work all the major muscle groups when doing popular exercises like bench press, they also hit the stabilizer muscles as well. You work extra muscles that wouldn’t when using a barbell or a machine.
  • Dumbbell workouts take advantage of the natural movements of your body when you work out. This allows for more usable strength in the real world and not just in the gym.
  • Dumbbells are very compact and don’t take up as much space as a machine or a barbell setup.
  • You can get a full body workout from home! Why bother having to get ready for the gym when you can simply workout from home, saving time and money!



Beginner’s Workout Guide

Whether you’ve just picked up a set of dumbbells for the first time or have been doing intense dumbbell exercises for years I strongly recommend you check out our Beginner’s Guide HERE. We have tons of information available to you to help you complete your goal. This guide is not only geared towards dumbbell workouts but fitness in general from topics ranging to stretching to weightlifting form to nutrition.

Beginner’s Section


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Please check out our massive selection of dumbbell workout routines HERE. There you will find many different dumbbell workouts that will help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have. Whether it’s building muscle, gaining strength, losing weight or cutting fat, our dumbbell workouts are exactly what you need! Each workout routine has a detailed list of every exercise along with specific information that you need to properly select the dumbbell workout that’s right for you. Not only that, if you click on a specific dumbbell exercise it will take you to our dumbbell exercises page that has brief written descriptions along with tips and videos for every exercise out there!

Dumbbell Workouts





Dumbbell Exercises

Looking for information on a specific dumbbell exercise? Our dumbbell exercises page has every exercises broken down by muscle group making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Each muscle group page will give you step by step written instruction how to perform each dumbbell exercise along with a video and my own personal tips that I’ve learned from years of dumbbell workouts! Select one of the categories below:

Dumbbell Exercises




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Looking to expand your home gym? Need heavier dumbbells to take your routine to the next level? We have a massive selection of different dumbbell equipment available to you! I’ve hand picked products I feel are most important when building your own home gym. From adjustable dumbbells to dumbbell sets to benches to small accessories we have everything you’d possibly want! 

Dumbbells & Other Equipment

Adjustable Dumbbells



Supplement Store

Looking to maximize your dumbbell workouts with supplements? Then look no further as our Supplement Store has everything hand picked for you to help you get the most of our your exercises! We’ve got a wide range of great tasting protein drinks, creatine, NO2/pre-workout and fat loss supplements hand picked so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what products work!

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